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Fox & Friends TV Show showcases Carrom Company and other domestic manufacturers who have available inventory of gifts for the holidays.

The Carrom Company was featured on Fox & Friends Saturday Morning TV news show during a segment that addressed the ongoing global supply chain crisis of 2021. While consumers are having problems sourcing a lot of products for the 2021 holiday season, domestic based manufacturers, like the Carrom Company, will be able to conduct more normalized business. Ari Goldblatt, Marketing Director for the Carrom Company, was on hand to showcase some of Carrom’s more popular games and products that are available for purchase this holiday season.

Companies that manufacture in the United States already have their products in the country and don’t have to deal with the current bottlenecks at our nation’s ports. The Carrom Company partners with the biggest and most reliable delivery companies like FedEx and UPS to get customers their purchases. With healthy inventories of all our small classic games, the Carrom Company is looking forward to satisfying consumers’ holiday shopping lists.

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Aired onFox NewsOct 23, 2021